Elongated Mental Spine with Two Lingual Foramina in the Mandible of A Kurdish Woman: A Case Report


  • Fadi Shamshoon Hagi Dental Unit, Technical Department, Duhok Health Directorate, Duhok, Iraq.
  • Yaseen Sedeeq Yaseen Implant Unit, Azadi Teaching Hospital, Duhok Health Directorate, Duhok, Iraq.
  • Liqaa Jabir Hassan Maxillofacial Surgery Department, College of Dentistry, University of Duhok, Duhok, Iraq.




CBCT, Mental Spine, Lingual Foramen, Mandible


The mental spines are bony prominences found in the lingual surface of anterior mandible, and usually they are arranged in two groups, superior pair and inferior pair. Mostly they are asymptomatic, but sometimes they may interfere with the prosthodontic treatment or with some surgeries. The lingual foramen can be found in different locations around the mental spines, and they are very important vital organ because they transmit nerves and arteries, which may cause a serious problem during some types of surgeries in this region such as implant placement. Here, we report a case of 55-year-old, Kurdish woman with elongated superior mental spine with bilaterally lingual foramina located distally to lower central incisors, that have been seen during a routine CBCT scan. The length of the spine was 6.4 mm, the height was 5.5 mm and the width was 1.9 mm. So, any dentist wants to perform any type of surgery in sublingual and submental regions should be careful of such anatomical variations.


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