Determination of procedural pain intensity among Critically-Ill patients: Using Behavioral Pain Scale (BPS)


  • Ghufran Emad Bachi Al-Muthanah Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Al-Muthanah, Iraq.
  • Sadeq AL-Fayyadh Adult Nursing Department, College of Nursing, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.



Pain, Critically-ill, Behavioral Pain Scale, Intensive Care Unit


Objectives: To assess pain severity for routine nursing procedures. As well as to compare pain severity during three measurement phases. And to find out the differences among routine nursing procedures pain severity.

Methods: An observational method for data collection and sample of 135 subjects who had met the study's inclusion criteria were targeted. The data collection started from January 18thto April 7th, 2022. 

Results: Patients were silently suffering pain during all three assessment phases: pre-during, and 20 minutes’ post-routine nursing procedures. Of equal importance, there is a statistically significant difference between all nursing procedures in terms of pain intensity.

Conclusion: The critically ill, mechanically ventilated patients who were recruited in this study, were silently suffering from a relatively high level of pain during their hospitalization period in the Intensive Care Unit. The highlighted case of silent suffering is a serious gap in both medical and nursing care quality that must be addressed both urgently and effectively.


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