The supply of cellular energy by changing in diet and life-style a possible treatment for uterine myoma and cyst: A case report


  • Hassan Akbari Department of Pathology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran.
  • Khadije Heydarolad Iranian Traditional Medicine Doctor, University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia.



Uterine Myoma, Cervical Cyst, Traditional Medicine, Health Triangle


Uterine myoma and cervical cyst are common benign tumors. If the size is too large or the symptoms are severe or get worse, the patient will receive surgery or hormone therapy. A 68 years old woman presented to a hospital in Iran with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). After performing sonography and suitable imaging, the patient was diagnosed with cervical cyst and uterine myoma. The patient was a candidate for a hysterectomy.  The patient was not willing to do surgery. We tried a traditional medicine approach for this case. We recommended the lifestyle change by following the health triangle instruction that is based on six essential principles.  These principles are as following: eating and drinking according to temperament, proper sleeping and awaking, correct motion and motionless, retention and vomiting, mental disorders. She received traditional medicine treatment including dietary and lifestyle change, using vaginal honey and olive oil, Frasion sodden, Aftimoni honey vinegar, Docein, horsehair sodden and phlebotomy, wet cupping and dry cupping on specific regions. The treatment course was 4 months long. The complete cure of cervical cyst and reduction in the size of myoma and bleeding was resulted. And the patient had no problem.  


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